Friday, December 2, 2011

Caught on Tape Madness

I just took a quick look on youtube to see if anyone had uploaded any interesting videos related to our favourite transit system, and lo and behold! I haven't checked in a while, so it was quite surprising to find these. Here are 3 WTF Winnipeg Transit moments, caught on tape.

Here is some guy getting randomly beat up by a guy who looks like he just wandered out of a cave:

Not sure what the story is here, but here's a video of a guy getting arrested on the bus:

And finally, here's some awkward video of a girl serenading the 11 Portage passengers in song:


  1. Speaking of which....Is this real or staged:

  2. Watch it until the end, it's a commercial.

  3. I thought it would be funny if the cops couldn't figure out the yellow strip, then lo and behold comes the always classic "Driver, Can you open the backdoor?"

  4. Winnipegs got talent! WTF is Simon???

  5. I hope she doesnt ride the bus again. I dont ever want to hear that live.