Monday, July 18, 2011

Winnipeg Transit = Murder Weapon Disposal?

Here's a weird story from Kathy:
This happened about 11 years ago. We were taking the number 11 bus down Portage Avenue when we the bus driver pulled the bus over to the side of the road. Noticing this wasn't a bus stop we were kind of wondering what was happening.

The bus doors opened up and two police officers came on board. They had pulled the bus over. On the bus there was myself, my boyfriend, two old women, one old man and two teenaged guys in the back. We were sitting up front and saw the police talk to the bus driver, looking to the rear of the bus.

The police started walking down the aisle sizing everyone up. They passed everyone on the bus and headed straight for the guys in the back of the bus.

Then we hear the police loudly ask the guys "Which one of you guys threw this ice pick out the window?" and proceeded to let the guys know "We know who you are, and what you are up to, don't think we won't remember you throwing this out the window."

The guys denied it and said it could of been anybody one the bus! The cops looked to the rest of us and knowing that was unlikely turned back to the guys and gave them a warning and went on their way. Well that left me on the bus, late at night wondering who these people are that random police officers know who they are, why were they carrying an ice pick, and why did they have to dispose of it so quickly by throwing it out a window. Regardless, I got off at the next stop. That was crazy!


  1. The officers are clearly bluffing in the claim that they know who the guys are. It might also be just a random prank by someone in the bus to make fun of the cops. They would have been more serious if it was indeed a suspected murder weapon.

  2. I know the guys that threw that ice pick, haha!