Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thrown off the Bus!

Here's a pretty crazy story from Sherri:
Years ago I was on the 18 bus in the middle of winter. This native guy on the crowded bus starting making racial comments and threats to another passenger who was black. This went on for a while. All of a sudden the bus stops and a man got up and held the door gate open. Then 4 other men got up and they grabbed the native guy's arms and legs; they then threw him out the back door into the snow. I still remember the look on the guy's face when he found himself standing in the snow.

Not a word was said amongst the other passengers.


  1. good. got what he deserved.

  2. don't know why you had to use the phrase native guy and not just guy to describe him.

  3. why did he use the description - because he was a native guy, just the same as the poster would have said white guy if he was white, asian is he was asian, etc. Stop being so sensitive.

  4. I think that it makes sense in this case. The story is about racism.