Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Overreacting Bus Driver!

Here's an unfortunate story from Chris about a nasty busdriver. It was in the dead of winter, maybe he was possessed by the Wendigo?:

About 10 years ago when I was a U of W student, I was waiting for the 47 at the old bus depot on Balmoral. It was an incredibly cold and windy day in January, at least -40 with the windchill.

The bus finally shows up, and I get on before the bus driver goes into the bus depot for a coffee. He told me he'd be back in 20 minutes and then we'd leave.

I was fine with the wait as I was just glad to be warm.

After a few minutes of warming up, a fellow student comes to the stop. For some reason she wasn't wearing anything on her head and had a light jacket on. She got my attention and signaled for me to let her on the bus. I went to the back door and let her in. She thanks me, and goes to sit up at the front, waiting to pay right away when the driver returns.

The grumpy driver gets on the bus, and she immediately pays and told him that I let her on. He completely lost it, and started screaming at us, about how we should never do such a thing. He said we broke the law, and that he was going to call the police. I tried to explain the situation, but he wouldn't stop yelling. He kicked us off the bus, and we went inside the university to wait for the next one. Overreaction maybe?

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  1. People always did that in Brandon with Brandon Transit, bus drivers never cared.. except for one time. I got yelled at for not putting in any change. But I did: "you see those 4 quarters, the loonie and the 15 other cents? That was mine" He calmed down, somewhat.