Thursday, July 7, 2011

Listen to this...

Here's a quite bizarro observation from Chris:
When you take the same bus every day, you start to recognize the regulars.

Years ago when I was taking the 47 every day, one of the more memorable regulars was a creepy looking middle aged guy. He always had his headphones on, black greased back hair, ripped jacket, tight jeans. And always looking straight forward with a slight serial killer like grin on his face. Like he'd move his head but not his eyes.

I noticed him always looking at this quite attractive woman (another regular) whenever he got on the bus. Quite a few other people would steal glances in her direction, but the look on his face was quite strange.

One day he sat on the seat behind her and was staring intently at the back of her head for most of the trip. Suddenly, he takes off his headphones, and goes to place them on her head, while speaking in an incredibly creepy and psychotic voice - "listen to this.."

She freaked out and ran off the bus. He looked offended and put his headphones back on.
Image by @ Street Photographs

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