Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Happy Busdriver

Here's a nice pleasant story from Michelle:
I was on the 47 a couple years ago, heading to RRC, when I encountered the happiest bus driver I've ever had.

This was a couple years before the bus drivers had to announce their stops, but this guy was all over that microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are now entering beautiful downtown Winnipeg."

He even did a door prize draw. "I hope you all held on to your transfers," he said as he dug into the bag of expired bus transfers. "And the winner is nuuuumber..... seven!" which was the day printed on all the transfers.

I pretended to be really excited about winning the door prize and he explained it was just a gag.

Never saw that guy again.


  1. I had one a few times who used to use the microphone to make "choo-choo" train sounds. He greeted everyone, cracked jokes over the loud speaker, and playfully teased kids. I miss that guy!

  2. I remember that too! I think he's retired now.

  3. I had a driver that once said.. "And now ladies and germs I mean Gentleman if you look to your right you will notice my favorite store Diarrea queen OOPS I mean Dairy queen" I found it hillarious but others did not

  4. I'm pretty sure I've had this busdriver as well, or just one similar. He was driving the 60 down Pembina and calling out all of the stops. He'd go, "Scotland! (pause) the street, not the country - sorry folks.", etc, on and on.

  5. Was there just one rogue bus driver who liked to cut loose with the jokes? I remember one a while ago who called out "Ukrainian Tire" and "Polish Park" while driving down St. James Street!

  6. The bus driver out at Birds Hill Park actually blows one of those Prairie Dog whistles. Maybe he was the former "choo choo" driver?