Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two Generations of Not Understanding the Back Door

Here's a story from Jas, that's not your typical back door story of someone not able to figure it out and the usual passengers yelling out "PUSH THE YELLOW STRIP":
One day a couple summers ago, I watched as a teenage girl got up to exit the bus via the back door. Simple....well yes for most people. This young lady obviously had not been on one of Wpg's older buses. You know, the ones that are still orange and more importantly have a gate at the back door. She looked at the gate perplexed and proceeded to step over the gate, standing on the stairs to get off. As the bus approaches her stop she looks around dumbfounded (looking for the yellow strip no doubt) and a little panicky. Almost in a chorus, several of us explain you have to push and hold the gate open in order to open the doors. She was extremely embarrassed, but the shared laughter was enough to get me through my day.

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