Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tips from a Bus Driver on Riding Buses

Here are Jason's very stern Tips from a Busdriver on Riding Buses:
1. READ THE SIGN on the front or side of the bus before you board to ensure that the bus is the one you need.

2. Have your fare ready before you board if there are others waiting for the bus.

3. COMMON COURTESY is to allow people already on board to exit BEFORE you step on the bus.

4. If you have difficulty with opening the back door, check above the door to see if the GREEN LIGHT is on before you yell "BACK DOOR" to the driver. (NOTE: Some of the older buses with the gate do not have the green light, keep the gate open to open the door, don't let it close behind you). The driver has NO control over the back door other than to unlock it.

5. The newer buses have yellow "Press Here" stickers on the door that have nothing to do with opening the door. They operate by motion sensors over the door. If you are already touching the door before the light activates, they will not open. Pressing harder doesn't work, instead try waiting until the light is on before you move your hands to the door.

This reminds me of one of my classic bus stories: There were these two women sitting at the front of the bus, one was carrying the conversation about bus do's and don'ts, basically going through this list and all of the other "busologies" and she would punctuate each one by yelling out "IGNORANT!".

Such as, "When someone in a wheelchair gets on the bus and you're sitting in the priority seating, get your ass up! IGNORANT!"


  1. Good tips in all from a qualified person. We must all be prudent and make leeway for one another.

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