Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smells like Pee!

Here's an unfortunate story from Amanda. Again, I think it's time we invest in public toilets:
Our office moved to a downtown location two years ago so most of us now, after many years driving, take the bus to and from work. Quite a culture shock, and one that comes with many stories. At first there were daily stories from everyone, but we soon realized most of them were just daily bus routines.

Rarely do I find the nonsense on a bus funny because I hate being on there to begin with and these things only emphasize this. One ride, however, was hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing and I was by myself!

I got on the 11 in front of city hall. I got my own seat so was pleased with that. An elderly gentleman got on shortly after and sat in front of me. He sat in the aisle half so no one else could sit with him. This poor man clearly had recently wet himself and the smell was strong enough to make me gag. I had my hand over my mouth and nose. The bus got full to the point where there was standing room only. At one stop, the person beside me got off and the smelly man in front got off. Two younger fellows sat in the old guy’s seat chatting away to each other. Then one said to the other “I smell pee”. The other guy said “me too”. Then at the exact same time they both turned around and looked at me!

I burst out laughing, mostly because their shocked expressions were so funny. I said it was the man who sitting there before them and they both jumped up and moved to the back of the bus.

Another person sat beside me. And there I was not being able to stop laughing to myself. I would finally stop laughing and then I would picture those two guys' faces and I'd start laughing again. All the way to Polo Park. The guy who just sat down had to have smelled the pee and must have thought I peed myself laughing. I bet he had a bus story when he got home!

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