Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Orange Gunk?

Here's a strange story from Alice, what the heck?:
This happened a few months ago as I was still getting used to taking the bus home from university. Usually it should only take just over an hour but this day it took three and a half...I got off the first bus at Polo park and as usual, with my transfer, waited for the next bus to come. Only, I was off this day and somehow confused the "St. Charles" bus with the "Charleswood" bus and ended up taking an hour-long detour around Charleswood before being returned to the same exact bus stop I had left at Polo park an hour ago. By this time I was fuming. It was tough to keep back my frustration when upon actually boarding the St.Charles bus I just happened to be stuck standing beside a man whose left arm, up to his elbow, was completely covered in sticky orange cheezy gunk. Some how, I arrived home without any orange on me.

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