Friday, June 24, 2011

The Female Serial Killer

Here's a pretty hilarious story from Catherine:
I have been taking the bus for over 10 years now. When I started I was 15 and apparently a freak magnet because every undesirable used to sit beside me.

One day, I happened upon the solution (by accident, mind you). I was reading on the bus this fateful day, ignoring everyone as usual. The book was called "Female Serial Killers" (I am female and was a psych student at the time). A very disgusting man smelling of old cigarettes and a lot of liquor sat beside me. I noticed his eyes rove over the pages of what I was reading (I hate when people do that). Annoyed, in an effort to deter him, I shut the book, exposing the title.

I wish I could have seen the look on his face when he realized he was sitting beside a female reading about female serial killers, because he very slowly, very VERY slowly, got up and sat at the front of the bus, as far away from me as possible.

Mission accomplished.

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