Friday, May 6, 2011

The Worried Uncle calls 911

Here is a strange story from Barry, about his overprotective uncle. Maybe the lessons should be just don't use your cellphone on the bus?

Quite a few years ago as I always do I was talking with my uncle while on the bus and as I usually do talk on the cell while getting onto the bus. But it so happened on this occasion when I did I lost connection to him when the phone died. I never thought anything of it as he knew I was on cell-battery could have went dead or I was out of range of cell towers.

Later when I got back home, my neighbors stated the police had been looking for me and I thought that was odd, but then I recalled when I was talking with my uncle he might have figured I got mugged or some harm came to me. He called the police when he couldn't reach me again and when I did not call him back. I did call him later and he did confirm police had been called to look for me when we got cutoff on the call when i was on the bus. It was nice he cared for me so much to followup on the call I made to him.

All was ok after that and he said always call back if you get cutoff on a conversation on the phone. Lesson learned.

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