Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Sock-Tuque

One of my favourite moments of collective madness aboard the Winnipeg Transit was one time riding the 11: there was this guy sitting at the front wearing a tuque that looked like it was made out of two socks cut-in-half and sewn together, but the ends of the socks were left untouched leaving a kind of rabbit-eared look to this DIY tuque.

It was very strange and looked hilarious.

When he rang the bell and got off the bus, I swear about 90% of the people on the bus burst out laughing and then the remaining 10% shyly joined in.

One guy yelled out what we were all thinking, in case anyone missed it, "DID YOU SEE THAT GUY'S TUQUE? IT WAS TWO SOCKS SEWN TOGETHER!", which made everyone laugh even more.

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