Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bedbugs! On the Bus!

This is the most terrifying story anyone has ever submitted. I'm tempted to never ride the bus again after reading this. Actually, I think I may never leave the house again for that matter, unless I'm in a hazmat suit. But seriously! If you, the busdriver, are told there are bedbugs on the bus, wouldn't you stop the bus and tell everyone to get off? No wonder these things are spreading like crazy!

This story comes from Rob, who was the unfortunate witness to the dreaded bedbug, on a freaking bus!
I was at Kildonan Place Mall one afternoon to pay a bill. When I was finished I took what I believe was the number 46 transit bus to downtown.

I was sitting in the very last seat at the back of the bus on the right hand side, beside the window. I then noticed a man get up from one of the seats up front and sit at a different seat in the middle of the bus. He then got up and moved his way to the back of the bus and chose the empty seat that sits parallel to the aisle, right in front of me. He was talking to a friend on his cell phone. He was telling his friend that he had just come from the doctors office and was on his way down to see his leasing company that owns the apartment building where he is renting. Apparently he woke that morning to find himself covered in a rash, then found and collected a total of 49 bedbugs in his bed. He was furious and upset.

I was horrified that this guy had chosen a seat right in front of me.

After his call he got up and went back to the front of the bus and sat where he was originally sitting.

I then looked at the seat where he was sitting and saw to my horror, 3 bedbugs. 2 smaller and one the size of an eraser on a pencil. They were trying to crawl around on the fabric of the seat. I then told the few passengers of this guys conversation and pointed at the seat.

Everyone was freaked and got up and either moved to the middle of the bus and rode standing or they got off at the next stop.

I went up and told the driver of the bus and asked if they ever fumigated. He laughed and said he had been driving 14 years and has never heard of bedbugs on a bus and said that as far as he knows, buses don't get fumigated.

Now I despise riding a bus, so when I do I stand. I am so worried about taking cabs, sitting in waiting rooms, going to restaurants.......Bedbugs!

This thought terrifies me.


  1. That is so nasty I just had to say so. Nasty.

  2. Agh that's horrible. I have to say I'm not surprised though :( lol

  3. Yikes. Maybe someone should contact Winnipeg Transit about this...

  4. The buses are fumigated for roaches and other critters that live in the walls of the bus and near the engine compartment.