Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Thong Head

This comes from reader/bus rider, David:
A few weeks ago I was taking the 11 to work on a Saturday morning around 7:00am. At Portage Place, three upstanding Winnipeg Citizens get on the bus. Two of them look not in their Sunday best, while the third one, a woman, is dressed up for a night on the town except it's Saturday morning - she is basically drunk out of her fucking mind.

She sits down on the side seat while her, I guess, boyfriend sits down beside her and her other friend sits away from her. She starts digging at her purse and screaming at her other friend that she can't find her cell phone. She continues searching her purse and her various pockets until she reaches her back pocket and proudly declares, "Oh Hey I found my thong!" Her boyfriend tries to get her to discreetly get her to put it back in her purse, which she eventually does.

She then continues to search for her cell phone screaming at her friend the whole time, until she reaches into her purse gets her thong out,  puts it over her head  and she continued to wear it on her head until she got off the bus.

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