Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Apologies / Frozen Chicken Feast

Today I was sitting in the aisle seat and some guy with one eye was walking by and took his hand off the support bar and literally hit me in the face. My glasses had a big gross smudge where his hand landed on my face. Didn't even acknowledge me, what a dink!

And no, the eye he did have was on the same side as me. So there's no excuses there pal, unless being a dink is your excuse?

- - - - - -

Also, last night as I was waiting for the last bus from downtown, there was a couple in the bus shack talking about sleeping in Portage Place. They didn't look homeless or anything, just your average young black kids. The guy was talking about how when he went back home to America, his cousin was all like, "Yo man, whass wrong whichoo? You all talkin' like (in a thick "Canadian accent")EH CAN I BORROW A DOLLAR PLEASE?" and he went on to note how many times he says the word 'eh' and how white sounding he's become.

Then he told her about how him and his friends hid in a stairwell in Portage Place one night and later, when the security guards had gone, they found that the door to Chester Fried Chicken was unlocked so they had a midnight feast on frozen chicken of all flavours. Yuck!

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