Saturday, March 19, 2011

The "Shining"

This story comes from Eve:
About 12 years ago, I was on one of those side seats in the middle of the bus facing the back door. A man sat next to me and started to talk, and talk, and talk and . . . talk.

I didn't want to talk anymore. So I just nodded my head occasionally - and then the volume of his voice got louder & louder. I guess he was a little crazy - people started to stare - I thought in my head "when is he getting off? . . . I can't take this". He finally rang the bell and proceeded to talk loudly about some nonsense while trying to keep my interest and anyone else listening at that point. The door opened and he kept talking facing me, walking off while the door closed around his face! He wasn't hurt. All I could see was his mouth and the rubber from the door edges around his nose and mouth, still talking, loudly. He pulled back slowly as the bus started to move again.

I was hysterically laughing. It was one of the funniest thing's I had ever seen.

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