Monday, March 14, 2011

Never take the Mythical 25 Express

This comes from Melodie:
I was on an express bus going on portage, the bus was pretty packed so I decided to surf the net until I got to my stop. I suddenly realized I was at my stop! I jumped up to get ring the bell and get off at my stop. There was a bus in front of ours boarding passengers, so my bus wasn't even moving. The driver would not open the back door and I even yelled, "back door please!" and even others yelled to the driver, "someone wants to get off the bus!". I thought she didn't hear or see me so I hurried to the front and asked I could get off. She acted like I wasn't even standing there and said nothing and began to proceed to drive ahead.

I asked again if she could let me off but no response. As I sighed and gave up I asked her where the next stop was she replied it was on Valour Road. I guess I could have been rude and cause a scene but I am not that type of person to treat anyone that way.

When I got off, I even said sarcastically have a nice day bus driver. I just found that experience to be unpleasant considering I am also seven months pregnant and had to go off my route because of her attitude. What would have been so difficult to just let me off. I always find most drivers very pleasant and polite as I am to them.

Yes the 25 Express, seems like a good idea in rush hour but then you learn the hard way that it skips the regular express stops and always seems to have a dinkhole bus driver. Beware, people!


  1. The 25 express doesn't stop at valour. It KEEPS going. I'm fortunate enough to live near valour, and can catch just about any portage bus, express or non, except the dreaded 25. Walking from polo park to my place isn't that far, unless it's -45 with the windchill like it was on the day I discovered the 25.

  2. Ah yes, I was thinking of the 67 - which doesn't stop anywhere between Maryland and Valour. I've taken both of these busses by accident and the 25 is much more annoying!