Friday, March 11, 2011

Hey Pal, the bus isn't your own private peepshow...

I got two similar submissions yesterday telling of perverts on the bus. This has luckily never happened to me! Thanks for submitting ladies and I'm sorry this happened to you..

The first story comes from Lisa:
A young lass, barely 18, I was riding home from school one afternoon on a bus that rarely gets crowded. I happened to be the only one on today. We came up to one stop, and an older man gets on, possibly with some mental difficulties. He sat two seats ahead to the right, and shortly thereafter, spotted me behind him. The driver, completely oblivious to anything about to come, missed this man begin fondling his penis, and masturbating while staring at me with his mouth open. The seat started squeaking after a moment, so I decided it was time to leave. That is all.

The second comes from from Kayla:
Not once but TWICE, I have witnessed young men masturbating on the 14 Paddington. The first time, the guy stared at me over his newspaper (covering his business), leg propped up on the seat next to him. By the time I noticed what he was doing, I was about to leave, and basically ran away.

The second time, I couldn't be too sure what the guy was doing, but as I got off the bus, I found the placement of his construction helmet over his crotch and the movement of his arm underneath it to be quite convincing.

I'm just mad I didn't react soon enough to report these fine gentlemen.

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