Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bus Drummer sighting

Matthew spotted the amazing Winnipeg bus drummer on the 18:
on the bus, i like to use my head phones in two ways, to escape from or to furtively listen to conversations. yesterday, i was escaping from the teenage porridge that was on the 18 Corydon. At the front of the bus was a familiar figure, the bus drummer. i have seen him over the years, and he has essentially kept the same look - an eighties stock movie character. this day, he was sitting near the front of the bus listening to his ipod, and air drumming to his own mysterious beat. over the years, i have either ignored his presence, or been fascinated by what he could be possibly listening too. this time i was taken by his total and complete lack of concern for what those on the bus thought of him.

cheers, bus drummer. i need to get more of what you have going on.

1 comment:

  1. Saw him today on the 15 heading to the airport. He was right into it, and I wondered if anyone ever got hit by his wild flailing , especially on a crowded bus. Definitely a candidate for a short film.