Sunday, January 16, 2011

Drunk Kid Transfer Thief

Today on my way home on the 11, a drunk kid on the bus started swearing about cunts and motherfuckers or something.

Some gangsta chicks sitting in the back surprisingly eloquently said, "Excuse me, would you mind your mouth? Not all of the passengers want to hear this. Maybe you should just get off if you can't watch your mouth!"

Some guy near the back door chirped in as well and the kid got off the bus. Once off he pulled out his cell-phone and started taking pictures of the dude who chirped in, who tried his hardest to cover his face. I swear, this guy looked like if no one was around he would have pulled out a gun and shot this kid.

Then the kid got back on the bus and stole all of the used transfers. The bus then seemed unable to drive any further with all of that excitement and sat there for 20 mins until everyone got annoyed and got off.

Oh yeah, and PS - to the dude who shot a video of this (I saw you) PLEASE POST IT!!!